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Calculator of induction heating power

This section is an interactive calculator.

The order of magnitude for the required induction heating power can be estimated as a rough approximation, through a number of simplifying assumptions:

  • only the heated layer is taken into account (the rest of the material is ignored)
  • adiabatic heating conditions (no cooling due to convection, radiation, or conduction)
  • the same heating power is delivered to the material during the whole heating time (it is controlled regardless of temperature of the material)
  • magnetic permeability is assumed constant
  • transition to paramagnetism is not taken into account
  • skin depth is calculated for resistivity at the hottest temperature
  • the suggested frequency is estimated by assuming the skin depth being 4 times thinner than the heated layer
  • apart from resistivity all other values are assumed constant, and melting or any phase transition is ignored.

Input values
shape:       metal:      

heating efficiency (%) = (typically: Al = 40%, Cu = 30%, non-magnetic steel = 60%, magnetic steel = 85%)

heating time t (s) =       T start (°C) =       T end (°C) =      

length L (mm) =       width w (mm) =       heated thickness d (mm) =
Output values Auxiliary output values


Suggested frequency (kHz) =

Skin depth (at suggested freq.) (mm) =

Required heating power (kW) =

Required generator power (kW) =

Volume of heated layer (cm3) =

Mass of heated layer (kg) =

Density (kg/m3) =

Thermal coefficient of resistivity (%/K) =

Resistivity at T end (Ω·m) =

Specific heat capacity (J/(kg·K)) =

Relative magnetic permeability (-) =

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