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 | //[[user/Stan Zurek]], Magnetism of chemical elements, Encyclopedia Magnetica// \\ | | //[[user/Stan Zurek]], Magnetism of chemical elements, Encyclopedia Magnetica// \\ |
-{{page>insert/todo}}+Only three elements are [[ferromagnetic]] at room temperature: [[iron]] Fe, [[cobalt]] Co, and [[nickel]] Ni. Further six are ferromagnetic at lower and very temperatures: [[gadolinium]] Gd, [[terbium]] Tb, [[dysprosium]] Dy, [[holmium]] Ho, [[erbium]] Er, and [[thulium]] Tm. 
 +The rest exhibit either [[diamagnetic]] or [[paramagnetic]] properties. [[Antiferromagnets]] such as [[chromium]] Cr are macroscopically indistinguishable from paramagnets. 
-===== Chemical elements ===== +Magnetic properties of alloys and chemical compounds strongly depends on the electronic and crystallographic configuration of a given materialBoth metallic alloys and oxides are widely used for such engineering materials as [[electrical steels]] or [[soft ferrites]] as well as [[permanent magnets]].
-Only three elements are ferromagnetic at room temperature: [[iron]], [[cobalt]], and [[nickel]]Further six are ferromagnetic at lower and very temperatures: [[gadolinium]][[terbium]], [[dysprosium]], [[holmium]], [[erbium]], and [[thulium]]. +
-The rest exhibit either diamagnetic or paramagnetic properties (antiferromagnets are macroscopically indistinguishable from paramagnets). +It is also possible to obtain ferromagnetic behaviour in compound materials which are not made from ferromagnetic elements. This is the case for example for some Heusler alloys.[(Alabama>[[|What are Heusler alloys? The University of Alabama]], {accessed 2021-10-21})][(Tumanski>[[|Sławomir Tumański, Handbook of magnetic measurements, CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, 2011, ISBN 9780367864958]])]
 <box 100% left #f0f0f0> <box 100% left #f0f0f0>
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 {{page>insert/by_SZ}} {{page>insert/by_SZ}}
 </box> </box>
 {{page>insert/periodic_table}} {{page>insert/periodic_table}}
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