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Intrinsic property

Stan Zurek, Intrinsic property, Encyclopedia Magnetica,

Intrinsic property - any property of any object or matter, such that occurs independently of other conditions.1)

The analogy of orbital magnetic moment is an electron orbiting the nucleus on a circular orbit (left) and for spin magnetic moment the sphere spins around its own axis (right)

For example, an electron possesses an intrinsic electric charge whose existence is independent of the state of the electron, or its placement inside or outside of an atom. Each electron also exhibits intrinsic spin magnetic moment.

Magnetic properties of a given material can also be intrinsic or extrinsic. For example, an introduction of an air gap to a magnetic circuit changes the effective permeability of the circuit or a specimen under test, due to the demagnetising effect or shape anisotropy. However, the intrinsic properties of the material are not affected the the presence or absence of a gap. Hence, properties of the material can be intrinsic, and properties of the sample can be extrinsic.

In some nomenclature, such as ASTM standards, the magnetic polarisation J is referred to by the name “intrinsic flux density” or “intrinsic induction”.2)

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