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Vertical bobbin

Stan Zurek, Vertical bobbin, Encyclopedia Magnetica,
reviewed by Jeff Jones, 2015-01-08

Vertical bobbin or vertical coil former - a type of bobbin designed to be fixed in a vertical position (axis of the core with respect to the board), rather than the more commonly used horizontal version. These bobbins are typically used for electronic transformers mounted on a PCB which has limited board space.

Such vertical transformers are taller, however, they have a smaller footprint enabling PCB designers to utilise PCB space for other components.1) Conversely, horizontal bobbins may be preferable if height is limited. Designs such as EFD or planar offer very low height profiles if required.

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Vertical mounting

The name “vertical bobbin” applies to a construction in which the bobbin is attached directly to a PCB. In some cases the bobbin is used only as a coil former and not for mechanical attachment to the mounting board.

Vertical mounting is used also for devices without bobbins, for instance in smaller chokes, where the winding is directly soldered to a PCB.

Vertical bobbin ETD44 etd_vertical_bobbin_magnetica.jpg
A transformer made with a vertical bobbin, soldered into a PCB transformer_flux_band_magnetica.jpg
RM cores are usually designed for vertical mounting rm8_core_3h1_a250_magnetica.jpg
Vertically mounted choke (without any bobbin)
Vertically mounted choke wound on a drum core inductor_on_a_drum_core_magnetica.jpg

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